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Recently, my friend Christopher told me, “You’re a writer. I know you don’t feel like you can afford the time, but you should try to write at least 15 minutes a day.” The comment came out of the blue and, quite honestly, took me aback. I immediately thought, “A writer? Me? What makes him think so?”  I’m a college English teacher  and—unlike some of my colleagues—am not a published writer. Writing takes me time (I’m always sculpting and polishing and sculpting some more), and trying to come up with topics I think worth writing about often paralyzes me.

However, over the past year some freelance projects I’ve been working on have reminded me of just how much I love writing, how much I’ve missed it. And I’ve also realized that comparing myself to my prolific colleagues has unnecessarily discouraged me from pursuing writing for the sheer pleasure of it.

I’ve decided to try to take Christopher’s advice. For a while, I toyed with the idea of getting back to an old pet project—writing a book. But at this stage in my life, I lack the time and energy required to do it justice. I also wondered if I should write about teaching, but I haven’t taught in a classroom for several years. Instead, I’ve decided to be practical and write what I’m living.

I’m a full-time mom of a lovely three-year old.  I’ve been on leave from the college in order to be home with him. I work from home part-time writing and editing to help keep my family afloat. It seems logical, then, that I should write about what I know—the joys of raising my son and the challenges of juggling motherhood with work.

No doubt, the blog will be a mix of topics: reflective thoughts, parenting issues, recipes, craft ideas, reviews of children’s books (the only reading I have time for these days) and discussions about other issues or events on my mind.

It’s all a bit of a risk for me. I don’t like to “put myself out there”. But somehow my friend’s words keep coming back to me, and this seems like a good place to start.